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Colibri X - MIRO Systemy Szybowcowe: instruments, electronics and other accessories for gliders
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Colibri X Novelty!

Colibri X
price: 650.00 ( 799.50)

Challanged to handle air navigation, simply and just with a touch of a finger.

For future trending we have developed and designed the first touch flight recorder and navigation system that fits in your hand.



• 3.5 inch transflective sunlight readable display
• Simple handling via touch screen
• New LX One Chip
• 8GB internal memory
• Built in GPS receiver and antenna
• Internal battery ensures up to 15 hours of full display operation autonomy
• Built in battery charger (5V via USB)
• Altimeter with QNH
• TP, APT, TSK navigation
• IGC flight recorder with ENL (pending)
• Airspaces support
• WiFi and Bluetooth

Novelty! Novelty!

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