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One Man Rigging System - MIRO Systemy Szybowcowe: instruments, electronics and other accessories for gliders
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One Man Rigging System

price: 880.00 ( 1 082.40)

Description of the offer

The IMI-One Man Rigging System was succesfully tested at the beginning of 2008. Several hundreds of units were delivered to the customers from whole world and for many different types of gliders since that time. It is high rated especially for its simple and light design, simple use and also small transport dimensions. We offer several combinations to be able to equip different kinds of glider types. Combination of four different wing holders and three bodies can be used, so the device is useful for almost all glider types, including some of the microlight and historical gliders.


Technical specification:

Wing holder: Glass reinforced plastics with red gelcoat, covered with 10mm black adhesive Neoprene foam. 4 main bolt locations for different adjumsment of center of gravity position. Clever universal shape both for thick and thin airfoils or not universal flat profile shape for the most modern types of gliders. Removable securing arm adjustable in two axis with spring-knobs.

NEW - special non-universal wing holders for Arcus doubleseater and modern flapped singleseaters (Ventus 1/2, ASW-27, ASG-29, ASH-26/30/31, JS-1, Nimbus 3/4, Quintus, Antares, Shark) available on stock from February 2012! For those pilots, who want to have fully universal One man rigging system for club use or sharing with friends, the older universal wing holders are also on stock and compatible with above named gliders, only with aesthetic limitations (gap between wing and holder etc.).

Body: anodized aluminium profiles, telescopic design, 400 or 480N inbuilt gas spring for fast, easy and stepless heigth adjustment, 300mm run (360mm doubleseater, 240mm microlight version).

Axle and wheels: removable axle, sliding to sides for 8cm each side (15cm doubleseater version), with blocking screw. Tube tyre wheels 270mm diameter by singleseater and 320mm by twoseater version, removable. Bigger 320mm wheels for better ride in the really rough terrain optional also for singleseater version

Finish: fibreglass parts polyester gelcoat, steel parts galvanized, aluminium parts anodized - no black hands, top finish.

Dimensions: very easily foldable for transport in trailer, folded only 85x50x18cm, weight app. 14kg (95x50x20cm, 16kg doubleseater version), please check the pictures.

Use: height adjustable from 70 to 100cm (80 to 115cm dobleseater, 60-94cm microlight version), stepless adjustable, enough for 99%modern gliders, also for uneven surface. Wing chord lenght 68-86cm (82-105cm), relative thickness 12-19%, useful for gliders from Libelle up to ASW-22 or common sport twoseaters (Janus, DuoDiscus, DG-1000). Use on a grass is no problem.


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